Lace bunny ears and mask on Anastasia Bezrukova

Jag har ett helt orimligt, oförsvarligt sug efter ett par kaninöron i spets. Jag vet. ETT PAR KANINÖRON I SPETS. Vem kommer ens på den tanken?! Jag, tydligen, alltid jag... 
Tillsvidare fortsätter jag drömma om att vara den något moderiktigare medlemmen i Peter Pan & The Lost Boys, en dag kanske jag står där med ett par kaninöron på huvudet, och den dagen kan ni räkna mig på riktigt förlorad i mina egna galna modehänder!
I have an unreasonable, undeniable craving for a pair of bunnyears in lace. I know. BUNNYEARS IN LACE. Who even thinks of that?! Me, apparently, always me...
In the meantime I'll continue to dream about being the slightly more fashionable member of Peter Pan & The Lost Boys, one day maybe I'll stand there with a pair of bunnyears on my head, and that day you can consider me forever and utterly lost in my own crazy fashionhands!


Sandals Scorett, Naked sweater Gina Tricot, Pants Asos, Simple triangle bra BikBok
Yoga-byxor, fula-sköna-sandaler(Erik hatar dom, jag älskar dom, dom stannar) och en tröja precis på gränsen till vulgär över en tunn, delvis i nät, bh. Jag älskar att gå omkring och sopa gatorna med alldeles för långa och alldeles för vida(om det ens går?!) byxor.
Ikväll: BBQ, dansa, njuta.

Yoga-pants, ugly-comfy-sandals(Erik hate, I love, they stay) and a sweater right on the verge of vulgar over a thin, partially mesh, bra. I just love walking around sweeping the streets with way too long and way too flared(is there even such a thing?!) pants.
Tonight: BBQ, dance, enjoy life.


T-shirt Asos, Skirt JC, Espadrilles Asos


Satin kimono KappAhl, Paisley pants Lindex, Ribbed tank H&M, Navy espadrilles Asos, Clutch Monki

... Har ni gett upp om mig än? Haha! Ingenting är bättre än att förvirra mina älskade läsare! Tja, det skulle nog varit roligare om inte jag själv var så förvirrad med ... Hmm, är det bara jag eller börjar det här bli misstänkt likt en slags läskig kärlekshistoria? Kanske. Kanske är det också det. 
I alla fall, jag tror jag har kommit överrens med mig själv om att ge bloggandet en ny start! På mina villkor, när jag vill, hur jag vill, urkassa iPhone-bilder och genomtänkta fotoserier i en enda härlig(eller mindre härlig) frenzy.
Jag ska inte babbla om det. Ni fattar. Ni är bra på det sättet. Jag bloggar när jag vill, och jag avsäger mig här med pressen. 

... Given up on me yet? Haha! Nothing better than confusing my lovely readers! Well, would've been more fun if I weren't so confused myself ... Is it just me or is this me-MAYBE-starting-to-blog-again thing beginning to seem eerily much like some weird lovestory? Perhaps. Perhaps it is.
Oh well, I actually made a deal with myself about giving blogging a try again! On my conditions, when I want it, how I want it, awful iPhone-photos and thought-through pictureseries mixed up in one great(or maybe less great) frenzy.
I won't babble. You get it. You're pretty great in that way. I'll blog when I want to, and I hereby decline the pressure.


HELLO my darlings!
Long time no see, I know, believe me, I know... What to say? It's not you it's me? Well, yeah, duh, obviously. Lately I've been feeling a spark of blogspiration though(not sure if refering to inspiration or perspiration there, maybe both) but I can't promise you this post is anymore than a one-night-stand. Let's just enjoy each other's company and see how things go, 'kay?
After this very awkward start of a post, WHAT in the WORLD have I been up to you might be asking. Now that's a good question! I've been doing absolutely everything a 18-year-old girl is supposed to do: those of you who follow me on instagram(which I have yet to leave in such a deceitful way as I left blogging) know all about my breakfasts, lunches, dinners and, well, practicly it's just food with a rare selfie here and there. Did y'all know I never really liked being the one INFRONT OF the camera? I'm just too AWKWARD. That's something years of blogging couldn't erase!
But I'm rambling(aren't I always?) - I have actually been longing to blog for a while now, and that's a feeling I haven't felt in so, so very long. I miss the undemanding work I used to put in to this fashiondiary, doing it for me and no one else. That really was a long time ago, which is very sad.
And you wanna know something else?
... I haven't done any real shopping since FEBRUARY. My first order since then was placed at Asos yesterday, and then I chose yogapants, espadrilles and a t-shirt over super-flared(that is a word) silver velour pants with tribal pattern and a megafluffy hat. Is this what growing up means .. ? So weird.
Anyway, I'll wrap this up with showing you an old outfit I shot in Tenerife a couple of months back. 
Maybe we'll hear from each other soon, maybe not. Time shall tell!
xx Elin
Silk shirt H&M, wrap shirt/shorts Zara, hat Gina Tricot, sandals NLY, bikini Small store in Crete

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