las vistas beach walk

Jacket - Pull & Bear, Sneakers - Street Wear, Skirt - BikBok, Cateye sunglasses - Gina Tricot

- photos by c.h.
 On the beachwalk between Playa de las Americas and Los Christianos.
Slightly windy weather called for a jacket and sneakers, I didn't mind though, as long as I can get by with bare legs I'll still love you, Tenerife! Something about this combo put me in such a great mood; it was comfortable, warm-but-not-TOO-warm, perfect to walk around in and the skirt didn't fly up Marily Monroe-style NEARLY as many times as you might think. The sun was shining, tanned Australian guys playing beach volleyball, the smell of hot and greasy streetfood, and of course the fact that you had to look over your shoulder each and every second in a slightly neurotic manner not to get run over by crazy pensioners in automatic wheelchair-cars. Great. 


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