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Shirt - BikBok, Leopard skirt - BikBok, Teal suede boots - Carolina Boix, Hat - Gina Tricot
- photos by c.h.
These. Boots. Are. Amazing. 'Nuff said.
... OK no this also needs to be put out there: These boots, this shirt, this skirt, this hat and this I-forgot-my-sunglasses-face in this lovely little sandy park on the edge of Santa Cruz right by the sea, I think it was one of those moments when everything is just perfect. The smell of hot churros, armies of pigeons, palmleaves in the wind, old gurgling marble fountains... Those moments, lovers. Those moments.

Santa Cruz

Wrap shorts/skirt - ZARA, Tee & Cateyes - Gina Tricot, Jacket - Pull & Bear

- photos by c.h. & me

Santa Cruz is a beautiful city and also might be the undefeated champion of How-Weird-Can-You-Park-a-Car, a world wide competition I maybe just made up. It is just the right whimsical mix of old and new, placed between the dusty mountains and right by the sea. 
Talking about beautiful things, you might've noticed the gorgeous wrap skirt-actual-shorts in the pictures, yes? They're THE perfect substitues if you like me like the option of wearing a short skirt without having to worry about it riding up, like in that chapter of Simpsons where Homer wears a speedo. Sorry for the mental image. I still played it safe though, with my new jacket from Pull & Bear, again, It's got a sort of MC-vibe, but is in linen and just enough oversize, I wear it with everything, so versatile.

Please do also take notes on how amazing this look with a slouchy stonewashed t-shirt. Class dismissed. 


silk me

bikini - small store in greece, shirt - h&m
- photos by c.h.
I've been obsessed with this nude bikini ever since stumbling upon it while visiting Crete last summer. It's truly amazing, and takes the whole debate of underwear vs. swimwear vs. being naked one step further. This time I paired it with a satin pajama shirt from H&M and now we can all be confused and have our minds spinning with thoughts about whether I'm actually in the bedroom or on the beach!!

leather mini

Dress - United Colors of Benetton, Boots - Vintage Riverland
- photos by c.h.
You often hear people talking about the LBD, also known as the Little Black Dress, but let's take a minute to talk about something I discovered to be equally essential for wardrobe-happiness: The LBLD - Little Brown Leather Dress! This one that I got at a Benetton-store is beautiful in so many ways, the sturdy structure, the fit, the drop waist seams... Would look wonderful with some strappy, high sandals and a messy updo, but also pairs so lovely with worn boots and a hat. Ahhh, the possibilities!

las vistas beach walk

Jacket - Pull & Bear, Sneakers - Street Wear, Skirt - BikBok, Cateye sunglasses - Gina Tricot

- photos by c.h.
 On the beachwalk between Playa de las Americas and Los Christianos.
Slightly windy weather called for a jacket and sneakers, I didn't mind though, as long as I can get by with bare legs I'll still love you, Tenerife! Something about this combo put me in such a great mood; it was comfortable, warm-but-not-TOO-warm, perfect to walk around in and the skirt didn't fly up Marily Monroe-style NEARLY as many times as you might think. The sun was shining, tanned Australian guys playing beach volleyball, the smell of hot and greasy streetfood, and of course the fact that you had to look over your shoulder each and every second in a slightly neurotic manner not to get run over by crazy pensioners in automatic wheelchair-cars. Great. 

sunny staircase

Shirt - Vintage Hugo Boss, Pinstriped pants - Forever 21 Heritage 1981, Sandals -, Bag - Mango, Sunglasses - BikBok
- photos by c.h.
Y'all KNOW a girl needs that special staircase in her life for the sole purpose of giving those plain outfits a little extra -oumph. I found mine in Spain. Summer romance, much ..? 
I'm really having a hard time deciding whether or not this post should be about those yellow/white triangles, or how awesome my new favorite sandals look with the highwaisted, tailored suitpants I'm wearing. They're both their own kind of beautiful ..


Nude sunglasses - BikBok
There's just something about rolling around in a blue sunbed, watching the ocean and being just enough protected som the salty winds... Ah, sweet life.

sticks and stones take 121

Shirt/dress - BikBok, Bag - Mango, Heels - Scorett, Ring & Fatima's Hand Bracelet - Gina Tricot
- photos by c.h. 
My only comfort for being super-short: Being able to wear amazing shirts like this one as dresses! Yeah, it might be pushing the edge a little bit, but hey - vacation and anywhere close to the beach are the two places where you can get away with wearing too short, too tight and too little without causing public outcry. 
I've also rediscovered my love for this slightly trashbag-looking gorgeousness from Mango(actually, did I ever really stop?) and how well it works with that paperthin shirt/dress-thingy and some basic yet awesome cork sandals. Also note the all the way button-up which kinda makes this whole thing worth it.

surfs up

Hat - Urban Outfitters, Tee - Mango, Bikinibottom - Lindex(old 'un), Sunglasses - Oasap, Flip flops - Tommy Hilfiger, Bag - Mango

- photos c.h. & me

Seeing surfers get dressed(not as pervy as it sounds, I swear) and chill infront of this gigantic shaka sign everyday from the balcony kinda made it an inevitable place to shoot atleast one unplanned outfit. Which turned out to be this, during a lazy walk while taking a pause from the pool-side-hanging and sunburning. Simple yet awesome with this background. Then again, which outfit wouldn't be?

 Shorts - H&M superduperUBER old

Oh and can you believe this is my FIRST BLACK T-SHIRT?! You might think a gal that mainly wears all black during the winter should own at least three versions of this pretty vital staple but I guess I've missed that one. Sometime during my life I GUESS I've owned one, but since that is not memorable I believe it is nowhere NEAR this one in the aspects of paperthin-ness, perfectly oversize and a neckline which is just one step below comfortable if you wear it in that-certain-way. Which we all love to do, of course.

Fly with me

BIKBOK loose transparent shirt, H&M BASIC tee, GINA TRICOT wide skirt, NELLY.COM sandals, GINA TRICOT wishbone necklace (practically everything that was at the top in my suitcase)

photos c.h.

I know blogging has been lacking lately(oh what really), and after many mail and comments asking for it, I've decided to start writing on English again with a Swedish translation further down! Yaaay!! So, these photos are taken in Tenerife, Spain, more precisly the Parque Santiago IV-hotel. I won't deny my feelings for this black-mirror-glass-walls-thing they've got going on. Let's just say I actually felt pretty outshined posing next to this before running off to grab some dinner.
//Bloggandet har varit KASST på sista tiden(nähä?!), och som ni ser har jag på förfrågan börjat skriva på engelska igen! Yaaay!! Dock kommer det tills vidare finnas en svensk översättning längre ner, så länge jag orkar skriva den haha .. Dessa foton är tagna på Teneriffa, Spanien, närmare bestämt hotellet Parque Santiago IV. Jag kände mig totalt överglänst av den fantastiska, svarta, spegelglasväggen. Underbar.

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