Santa Cruz

Wrap shorts/skirt - ZARA, Tee & Cateyes - Gina Tricot, Jacket - Pull & Bear

- photos by c.h. & me

Santa Cruz is a beautiful city and also might be the undefeated champion of How-Weird-Can-You-Park-a-Car, a world wide competition I maybe just made up. It is just the right whimsical mix of old and new, placed between the dusty mountains and right by the sea. 
Talking about beautiful things, you might've noticed the gorgeous wrap skirt-actual-shorts in the pictures, yes? They're THE perfect substitues if you like me like the option of wearing a short skirt without having to worry about it riding up, like in that chapter of Simpsons where Homer wears a speedo. Sorry for the mental image. I still played it safe though, with my new jacket from Pull & Bear, again, It's got a sort of MC-vibe, but is in linen and just enough oversize, I wear it with everything, so versatile.

Please do also take notes on how amazing this look with a slouchy stonewashed t-shirt. Class dismissed. 


Postat av: Marie Bergman

Hääärliga bilder :)

2013-03-26 @ 10:59:02
Postat av: emma

Fin vårjacka!

2013-03-26 @ 13:44:17
Postat av: linnea

hur går det med bloggningen finaste elin?

2013-03-31 @ 17:03:42

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