HELLO my darlings!
Long time no see, I know, believe me, I know... What to say? It's not you it's me? Well, yeah, duh, obviously. Lately I've been feeling a spark of blogspiration though(not sure if refering to inspiration or perspiration there, maybe both) but I can't promise you this post is anymore than a one-night-stand. Let's just enjoy each other's company and see how things go, 'kay?
After this very awkward start of a post, WHAT in the WORLD have I been up to you might be asking. Now that's a good question! I've been doing absolutely everything a 18-year-old girl is supposed to do: those of you who follow me on instagram(which I have yet to leave in such a deceitful way as I left blogging) know all about my breakfasts, lunches, dinners and, well, practicly it's just food with a rare selfie here and there. Did y'all know I never really liked being the one INFRONT OF the camera? I'm just too AWKWARD. That's something years of blogging couldn't erase!
But I'm rambling(aren't I always?) - I have actually been longing to blog for a while now, and that's a feeling I haven't felt in so, so very long. I miss the undemanding work I used to put in to this fashiondiary, doing it for me and no one else. That really was a long time ago, which is very sad.
And you wanna know something else?
... I haven't done any real shopping since FEBRUARY. My first order since then was placed at Asos yesterday, and then I chose yogapants, espadrilles and a t-shirt over super-flared(that is a word) silver velour pants with tribal pattern and a megafluffy hat. Is this what growing up means .. ? So weird.
Anyway, I'll wrap this up with showing you an old outfit I shot in Tenerife a couple of months back. 
Maybe we'll hear from each other soon, maybe not. Time shall tell!
xx Elin
Silk shirt H&M, wrap shirt/shorts Zara, hat Gina Tricot, sandals NLY, bikini Small store in Crete

Postat av: Nina

Ahhh, har saknat ditt bloggande, blev glad när jag såg att du hade uppdaterat! ;)

2013-05-23 @ 18:53:51

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